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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questionsCommon Mistakes When Dealing With ACS

  1. Allowing ACS into your home.
  2. Yelling, cursing, or raising your voice with an ACS worker.
  3. Not recording any ACS conversations or interviews.
  4. Not understanding the charges against you.
  5. Not hiring an attorney
  6. Attending a court hearing without an attorney

Where Can I Find Child Protective Social Services Laws?

Two bodies of law in New York State deal with child abuse and neglect.

  • The Social Services Law (SSL)
  • The Family Court Act (FCA)faq

Title Six of Article Six of the Social Services Law, specifically Sections 411-428, define child abuse and neglect. The law also outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and Local Departments of Social Services (LDSS) regarding investigations, outcomes and record keeping requirements.

Article 10 of the Family Court Act, specifically section 1012 of the FCA, further defines child abuse, neglect and other terms commonly used in ACS investigations and reports.

Both of these these sections of the law can be found at the New York State Legislature website. Choose the link “Laws of New York,” and scroll down to the “S” section for Social Services Law.

Some acts of child abuse or neglect are crimes that require an experienced criminal defense attorney. For further information about crimes associated with child abuse and maltreatment, contact your local police department or district attorney’s office and search for Penal Law.

How Can A Brooklyn ACS Attorney Help?

act now!The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro will stop your ACS problems. We will contact the ACS worker and advise them that we represent you. We will be available to meet with the ACS worker and conduct an interview. If necessary we will appear in court for you and present your case to a judge.

We will investgate all aspects of your case and make sure to defend your rights. We will not allow ACS to lie about you and will demand a full investigation of your case. We can hire expert witnesses to raise doubt about any statements that ACS will make in court.

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contact acs attorneyIf dealing with ACS is a burden call Brooklyn ACS Defense Lawyer Michael Discioarro. Hire an experienced ACS defense attorney today! We will defend your rights.
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