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legal rights

Your Rights

You have the right to remain silent. You have a right to an attorney. Defend your rights, call a Brooklyn ACS attorney. your-rights


Fight ACS

Brooklyn ACS attorney Mr. Discioarro will fight ACS cases like child abuse or neglect charges, ACS investigations, child sex abuse accusations, and child welfare charges.fight-acs

family court

Family Court

A family court lawyer can help you navigate court proceedings concerning child protection, fact finding hearings, dispositional and permanency court

child custody

Child Custody

There are times when a child custody dispute will lead to vengeful ACS investigations. If you are seeking sole custody and physical custody, the legal guardian should call Brooklyn ACS lawyer Michael Discioarro Esq. child custody

ACS Survival Guide

ACS Survival Guide

Learn more about dealing with an ACS investigation by studying the parents survival guide to handling ACS cases.ACS Survival Guide